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Brain Quest Questions On the Go


My son used Brain Quest a lot when he was younger. We both liked it. For some reason those Brain Quest questions are just fun to answer. It is compact and small for easy carrying around. Depends on the time you have, you can answer 20 questions, or you can answer one question.  The questions are all academic, but cover a broad range of subjects, math, science, history, language, etc.  When I found out Brain Quest app, I downloaded it right away. It is like a portable Brain Quest Workbook, since it is with you wherever you go, whenever you need it.
Brain Quest Apps for Kids Grade k to 5, math, science, language, social study. Review and practice study with fun.
There are 4 apps in total, covering grades 1-5. Each covers two grades. The first app covers grade 1 to 2, the 2nd app covers grade 2 to 3, … Each app covers all relevant subjects for the corresponding grade levels.

Here is the subjects covered in the one for Grade 4 to 5, to give you a little sense of the content:

grade-appropriate vocabulary
adjectives and superlatives
linking verbs
literary history
and much, much more!

addition and subtraction
multiplication and division
negative numbers
shapes and angles
and much, much more!

the environment
animal species, including insects
human anatomy
global warming
synthetic vs. natural materials
and much, much more!

Social Studies:
world geography
U.S. history
Native American history
U.S. Civil War
world religions
world economy
governments around the world
and much, much more!

Miscellaneous topics:
language and culture
and much, much more!

iGameMom Comments:

I like the fact that it is curriculum-based, and it covers a broad range of subjects.  In addition to math and reading, kids also learn history, geography, science, and more.  It is more like a trivia challenge game.  Kids will learn while playing fun games.

It works on iPhone, iPod, iPAD. It is $2.99 for each.

There is also a version for Nook.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the  App Store button provided below.  The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support!  Note: The button works for all countries.   

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  • I always wanted to do this website for ever

  • Jo

    Sadly, it appears this app is no longer available…. 🙁

  • jorgembustamante

    With all the work being done on brain plasticity and programs such as cog-med, one would think that you would be able to find apps that do the same and help kids develop working memory and processing speed. A game like like Simon-says would be interesting as bot a memory and speed builder. Are you looking into those?

    • there are brain game apps out there, lumosity app is one of them.

  • Fay

    This looks perfect for Jake, Thanks!

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