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Be Confident In Who You Are


Be Confident In Who You Are is a graphic novel targeted at kids 8-14 years old. It addresses topics such as self-consciousness, stress, bullying, fitting in, body image, and sticky issues in friendships. All these issues are presented in an age appropriate manner. The language, story setting, and the solutions the characters come up are all from real life that kids can relate to. There are 8 chapters in the book, each focusing on one topic.

As an app, it has nice features:

• Graphic novel format for easy reading
• Page swipe or touch page edges for easy navigation
• Auto-save feature remembers your place in the story
• Info page allows you to jump to the beginning of any of the 8 chapters
• 44 pages of story plus bonus Meet the Cast pages
• Two modes of reading: full-page mode or double-tap to zoom-in for frame-by-frame reading
• Movie-like sound effects and music (enhanced sound in zoomed-in mode)

iGameMom Comments:

There are not many apps for tweens and teens. This is one of the good apps that help kids this age to think about their emotions and behavior in new ways and to make more respectful and cooperative choices. I plan to read it with my son.

It works on iPhone, iPod, and iPAD.  It is $2.99 at App Store right now.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store button provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage.  Thanks for your support! Note: The button works for all countries.
Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are

It is also available on Android ($2.99), Nook ($2.99), and Kindle ($6.24).  If you prefer a printed copy, you can find it Here ($9.99).

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  • This definitely sounds awesome. I used to teach in middle school and some of these kids could definitely use the reinforcement. This would have been good in the Life Skills class…too bad they just have it for the iPad. I guess I need to upgrade.

    • I can see the school use it for “life skill” type of class, or just have it as a resource for the students. Wonder if any school library has this kind of books – iBook on an mobile device.

  • This sounds like a great app. I do not have an iPad (we have a kindle fire) but are thinking about getting one since our oldest son has CP and is delayed in fine motor. There are so many great apps out there on the iPad I keep hearing about.
    I love reading about all the apps you recommend and I look forward to trying them out someday soon!

    • iPAD will be great for CP kids. There are some games good for hand-eye coordinations. Only thing you want to be careful is put iPhone or iPAD on a secure place that won’t fall and break. Keep them on the floor when he plays.

  • I like that this is age-appropriate. It’s a tough age! I don’t have an iPad, but may android will figure out a way to do something similar.

  • This sounds like an interesting app; my lo is too young yet, but it is nice to hear some positive choices for kids are available! Thanks for sharing and for your continued support of my blog:)

    • Thank you! Never rush to these apps, but whenever you feel it is ready, you can always come back. For young babies, there are also some neat apps. FruitNinja is one, it trains hand eye coordination, and it is fun. There are also some books you can use, since most kids book apps have “read it for me” option, little ones will for sure like them. Go to the “search by kids age and subject” function in the middle of the right panel, search by age. You will see quite a few apps for babies and toddlers, including books, puzzles…

  • Absolutely a great idea for a series! Thanks for sharing! As a mom with a son smack dab in the middle of that group, I’ll check it out!

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