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App on Deal – Smithsonian Book Apps

Polar Bear Horizon – Smithsonian

May is Teacher Appreciation Month.  To celebrate, Oceanhouse Media has set their Smithsonian Book Apps on sale.  All five apps in the series are $0.99 each on the App Store and Android markets till May 14th.   Original prices are $2.99 each.

From the App store:

All Smithsonian Books feature fact-filled adventures that educate as much as they entertain.  All facts in the books are reviewed by scientific experts in corresponding fields.  Each book has an interesting story.  The beautiful graphics and powerful sound effects make you feel like the exciting adventures of the animals are happening right outside your door!

The 5 titles in the series:

It’s Tyrannosaurus RexTyrannosaurusRex: The stillness of the prehistoric forest is shattered by a loud pounding sound. What could it be? It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex, the fiercest predator in all the land and she is hungry! What will Tyrannosaurus Rex find to eat?  With amazing graphics and powerful sound effects, kids will experience the life of this incredible creature in the prehistoric age.

TriceratopsTriceratops Gets Lost: The Prehistoric forest can be a very dangerous place for a young Triceratops. When he is left behind by his herd, Triceratops suddenly finds himself alone and helpless! The book gives you a glimpse into the life of this incredible creature.  All facts are carefully reviewed by paleontologists at the Smithsonian Institution.

MammothWoolly Mammoth in Trouble: It’s the Ice Age and Woolly Mammoth is at home on the cold, windy plains of Europe. As a storm comes and heavy snow falls, Woolly Mammoth realizes he is lost…  Join Woolly Mammoth on a prehistoric adventure as Soundprints and the Smithsonian Institution recreate a bygone world and give you a glimpse into the life of this incredible creature. Beautiful graphics and powerful sound effects make you feel like the exciting adventures of the prehistoric age are happening right outside your door!

PolarBearPolar Bear Horizon: It’s early spring at the top of the world and snow stretches to the horizon and beyond. Polar Bear and her two cubs are growing hungry after spending the cold winter months in their den. When they emerge, Polar Bear checks for danger and waits for the cubs to acclimate to the ice. Learn about their long journey to sea as this arctic adventure unfolds.

PenguinFamilyPenguin’s Family:  Take an exciting adventure to the west coast of Peru where the Humboldt Penguin family teaches Baby Penguin how to survive. When penguin hatches, Mother and Father Penguin keep him warm and feed him mushed anchovies and other tiny fish. As Penguin grows older, they protect him from hungry sea birds. Now, Penguin must learn to swim. Will Penguin be safe on his own?

If you are not familiar with Oceanhouse media’s book app features, please take a look at my other reviews of their apps.
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iGameMom Comments:

I have reviewed quite few apps, this is one of the app developer that you can trust and believe their apps are designed with high quality and with kids in mind.  As long as you are interested in the topics the apps cover, these are good buys and are the perfect addition to your child’s book app collection.

The apps work on iPhone, iPod and iPAD.  The regular price is $2.99 each on App Store.  They are now on sale for $0.99 each.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the link provided.  The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support!

Tyrannosaurus Rex: It's Tyrannosaurus Rex - Smithsonian's Prehistoric Pals - Oceanhouse Media     Triceratops:  Triceratops Gets Lost - Smithsonian's Prehistoric Pals - Oceanhouse Media

Woolly Mammoth:  Woolly Mammoth In Trouble - Smithsonian’s Prehistoric Pals - Oceanhouse Media      Polar Bear:    Polar Bear Horizon - Smithsonian Oceanic Collection - Oceanhouse Media

Penguin’s Family:   Penguin's Family - Smithsonian Oceanic Collection - Oceanhouse Media

They are also available for Android.  Click the linked app title below to go to the Android app on Amazon:
It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex!
Triceratops Gets Lost
Woolly Mammoth in Trouble
Polar Bear Horizon
Penguin’s Family

They are also available on Nook:
It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex
Triceratops Gets Lost
Woolly Mammoth In Trouble
Polar Bear Horizon
Penguin’s Family

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  • Very nice and informative post –Thanks for sharing !

  • Great site – I’m somewhere between a Luddite and a techie! But with my first grandchild due this summer, your advice on making technology child friendly and actually possibly (gasp) fun and educational makes me a true believer! Will forward to my daughter!!

    • iGameMom

      Thank you Chris. Thanks for passing on the site to your daughter, and please help let others know if you think they may benefit from the information here.

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