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Giveaway – Five Little Monkey Collection #1 ($11.99)


To celebrate iGameMom.com new look, I am giving away a copy of the “Five Little Monkey Collection #1”. The regular price is $11.99 at App Store.

How to win:

1. If you have already “LIKE” my Facebook page, please leave a comment on the Facebook page, tell me why you want the App.

2. If you have not “LIKE” my Facebook page, please click “LIKE” botton on iGameMom Facebook page.

3. If you are not following this blog AT THIS NEW SITE, “Sign Up” at the top of the left panel to follow the blog.

4. If you are following this blog AT THIS NEW SITE already, post a comment here under this post.

Either way earns you an entry. Any entry with a date between May 7 and May 14 gets a chance to win. If you do all 4, you got 4 entries. Good luck!

Please help spread the word to someone who might be interested.

See iGameMom’s review of the App here: Five Little Monkey (igamemom.com)

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  • Thanks for stopping and liking my post at Mosaic – Grace and Second Chances

    • iGameMom

      You are welcome. Liked your article – can’t be a better one for mother’s day.
      Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again!

  • Elizabeth

    It’s great that you do these giveaways!

    • iGameMom

      Thank you Elizabeth. Let’s hope you can win!

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