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4-in-1 Preschool Learning Games – Bug Games by Busy Bee Preschool

Bug Games App for Preschooler

Bug Games is a collection of fun-filled learning games for pre-schoolers. There are four games in this app, each focuses on a different development area:

Bee Word Builder – spelling and phonics
Each time you will see 3 letters on top of three sun flowers. You have to drag the letters to the correct sun flower to make a word. Once you put the letters on the right flower, you will hear a phonic pronunciation of each letter and of the completed word, and watch a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis!

Ant Tunnel Construction – puzzle
The goal of this game is to connect the broken tunnel pieces for the ants to go home. You have to touch each tunnel piece to rotate it, and figure out how to complete each puzzle. Once the tunnel is completed, you will watch the ants march in line through the tunnel with some fun music.

Cricket Concert – music
There are 4 songs. You can select a song to watch and hear the crickets sing in harmony; or touch each cricket to step through the song on your own! Bug Games - Preschool Learning Games

Spider Connect-the-dots – numbers within 10
When the game start, the spider always stays on top of the largest number. You have to connect the numbers in the correct order starting from 1. The lines connected correctly form a picture. Once you connect all numbers correctly, the picture drew by the connected lines will be revealed in color with fun sound effects

When you are done with a game, you get to choose a sticker as a reward.

iGameMom Comment:

The design of the games is very attractive to young kids: charming sound and music, bright colors, interactive yet intuitive activities. Toddlers can start playing without any instructions.

How to engage while you child is playing:

Bee Word Builder: repeat the word back to your child, explain the meaning of the word, or show him the actual object.

Spider Connect-the-dots: count the number with your child, ask him guess what the picture will be next time to increase his interest to do more.

Ant Tunnel Construction: cut out some paper pieces to make a similar puzzle for him to play. If you can make two sets of the same puzzle, you can set up a race between the two of you.

Cricket Concert: sing along or dance with the song together.

Bug Games has two versions, one for iPhone and iPod, one for iPAD.  It is $0.99 on App Store.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store button provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The button works for all countries.
iPhone: Bug Games - by Busy Bee Studios - Busy Bee Studios  iPAD: Bug Games HD - by Busy Bee Studios - Busy Bee Studios

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  • Great list of apps, games can be your best partner to turn the information in meaningful content.

  • Thanks! Love your reviews.

  • These games look great for my pre-k son. I’m excited to check them out!

  • This looks like a fun one for my 2 year old grandson. Thanks!
    (This gramma is finally relenting. I’m learning how to play video games, so the preschool apps are good for me too.)

    • Try it out. I am sure he will like it. I had tried very hard to limit my son on video games. Now seeing so many good games, I started my search, and so this blog… Come back often.

  • I have found that it’s hard to find apps which are just at my son’s pre-reader level, but I think this one might just work. We’ll give it a try today!

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