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Learn Bug Sound from Noisy Bug Sing Along

Learn Bug Sound from Noisy Bug Sing Along post image

The Noisy Bug Sing Along app is an interactive story book of bug sounds. With a target audience being 5-8 years old, it’s a great learning app for all the nature loving kids out there. It offers a fun way to learn more about bugs and their sounds. The author is a bug expert, so the facts are accurate and detailed. It’s a great interactive tool for learning about science and insects. Science and nature are a fundamental concept for children to learn about. With this app kids can learn about the bugs and take that knowledge off screen by exploring nature and searching for the insects talked about in this book.

Kids can choose to read the story by themselves or have it read to them. When it is read, Noisy Bug Sing Along Appeach single word is highlighted. When kids touch the picture, they will hear the noise each bug makes.  The book is filled with colorful pages and sounds, making it fun to learn the facts of various insects.

After the story part of the book, the next section has detailed facts about the bugs and gives you the chance to hear the sounds again along with watching the sound wavelength play across the screen. Do you know bugs don’t use their mouths to make sound?  For example, crickets produce the series of long rings or trills by rubbing their forewings against each. 

The sound wavelength provide an interesting visual for kids to see the shape of soundwaves, especially when they see the differences between soundwaves of different sounds by different bugs.  Be sure to touch the wavelength to hear the sound of the insects play.

The app covers a total of twelve insects, ranging from various types of crickets to grasshoppers and butterflies.

Noisy Bug Sing Along works on iPhone, iPod and iPAD.  It is $4.99 on App Store.  It is available as a Kindle book for $6.99, and print book for $8.99. 
Update: This is not available on App Store anymore, but is still available on Amazon.

For Kindle Book visit Noisy Bug Sing-Along for Kindles, for print book visit Noisy Bug Sing-Along on Amazon.

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