16 Flower Math Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids
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16 Flower Math Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids

16 Flower Math Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten Kids post image

We have shared flower science activities and YouTube videos explaining flowers’ life cycle. Today we share some fun flower math activities for kids, range from preschool to school age. Some of these activities use real flowers, some use craft flowers. These are fun spring and summer learning activities for kids. If you celebrate Mother’s Day, they are also good activities for Mother’s Day.

Fun Flower Math Activities for Kids

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I like this flower craft idea that kids learn numbers, counting, and also have nice flower crafts at the end.

This flower number activity helps kids learn different ways to record numbers, fingers, dice, word, … so kids can connect these different ways of number expression easily.

This is a simple flower math game for preschool kids. After the game, they will have a nice pot of flowers as a gift.

Ready to make a card with flowers? This is a fun idea to incorporate numbers into the card making process.

Make flowers using different shapes is also a fun one.

This flower pedal counting activity is great not only for counting, but also for fine motor skills. With the set of free printable worksheets, kids will have fun for a while.

This collection of 8 flower math activities include number, counting, shapes, place value, 100 charts with flowers. All with free printable worksheets.

If you are outside in the park, you can use this counting game to count flowers by attributes, like 1 yellow flowers, followed by 2 red flowers.

For school age kids, this flower math game is a good fun test to kids’ math ability.

If you are growing a flower, ask kids to measure the plant height and record the data everyday. For school age kids, you can make some fun math problem out of the data, like how much the plant grow yesterday (today’s height minus yesterday’s height).

If you like flower math, make sure check out flower science activities too. You may also check out these 6 Flower Life Cycle YouTube Videos for Kids
amazing flower science for kids
YouTube videos about life cycle of a flower

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    Love these Math activities. My preschool students will have so much fun with them. Pinned!

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