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Free Digital Picture Books for Kids from Unite for Literacy

Free Digital Picture Books for Kids from Unite for Literacy post image

Recently I found a wonderful website that offers free digital picture books for kids: Unite for Literacy. It is a website, so you can access on your computer. It also works well on iPad and iPhone. All books have professional narrations, plus there are more than 20 languages to choose from. Free Digital Picture Books for Kids

When you get on the website, the program does ask you to choose location, but that is it. You don’t need put in name or contact information.

On the home screen, you will see all the book covers. You and kids can easily pick a book simply by tab or click on the book cover. Each book has professional narration, but it is not automatically on. You have to click on the speaker button to hear the narration. This gives kids the chance to read on their own or have a parent read it for them. If kids want to hear the words again, they can simply click on the speaker button again.

One feature I particularly like is the many language options. At the top left corner of the website, there is narration option. If you click on that, you will see over 20 language options. When you choose another language other than English, you will see two speaker buttons below the book. One is English, the other is for the language of your choice. This is great for bilingual children or families who want to introduce another language to their kids. I do need point out that the print is always in English, so it is not meant for kids to learn reading in a different language.

Kids can also share the book they like with family and friends via email or social media like Facebook. The person who receive the message will have the website link of the book, and they can read it too.

There are over 120 books in the collection right now. Looks like most of the books are non-fictions. All are high quality books with professional narrations. To get you free books, simply visit Unite for Literacy website.

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