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Interactive Encyclopedia for Kids from DKFindOut

Interactive Encyclopedia for Kids from DKFindOut post image

Recently I found a wonderful website DKFindOut. It is an online interactive encyclopedia for kids, covering many topics like earth, math, animal, space, … Kids can just explore and learn on their own. It is still in beta stage and it is completely free. You don’t even need sign up for a free account. From what I have been experiencing, all the interactive features work on iPad as well. An easy way to quickly access a website on your mobile device is to create an app-like icon on your device screen as a shortcut to the website. You can follow the instruction on how to quickly access website on mobile devices from iGameMom.
DKFindOut is a fun interactive encyclopedia website for kids to explore on their own, and it is free. You can access on computer or on tablets. Great fun learning resource on the go and while travel. Wonderful place to start child led lessons.
When you get on the website, you will see some featured content at the top. While I was on it, those featured are Guitar, Bomber, Titanic, Zebra, and Earthquake. You can explore the featured topics, or you can scroll down a little to see all the topics currently available on the site. As I already mentioned some, there are many interesting topics included on the site: Animals and Nature, Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life, Earth, English, History, Human Body, Math, Science, Space, Music, Art, Literature.

Under each topic, there are several sub-topics. For example, under Music Instrument, you will see Brass, Keyboard, String, … Then under each sub-topic, there are several subjects. Like, under Brass, you will see cornet, french horn, trumpet, and some other instruments in the category.

Each subject has a brief introduction with a big image. The image has several clickable points that, when kids click on them, more detailed information for that particular part will show up. Some images also have sound effects.

On homepage, if you scroll down past the topics section, you will see some more sections, such as What’s New, Quizzes, Videos.

At the very bottom, you will find two sections, one for teachers, one for parents. Currently only the teacher’s section is live. Teachers can create lesson plans using the materials on site. To use this function, you do need sign up for a free account. I can’t wait to see what they will have for parents.

Overall DKFindOut is a high quality online encyclopedia for kids. Based on the content I see, it is a great exploratory and learning site for kids from preschool to upper elementary school. Check it out. I am sure both you and your kids will like it.

Looking for more fun websites for kids? Check out FunBrain, a free learning website for kids.
Funbrain free website for kids from preschool to grade 8

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  • Jessica Sanders-Parmer

    Wow, I took a look around and this is a great resource. Thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you like it. It’s very well designed. I just hope they will keep adding content. 🙂

  • Nicola

    This looks a really cool resource to exlpore with my kids. Thanks for the info.

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