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Child-safe Website of Free News Articles for Kids

Child-safe Website of Free News Articles for Kids post image

Are you comfortable to let your kids watch news on TV or news website? If not, how do your kids stay updated on what is going on around them, in the community, in the country, and in the world? I have reviewed some child-safe news resources, and today I found one more great news resource for kids: Youngzine. It is a free website of news articles for kids.
Free website of news articles for kids, filtered by educators, it provides a safe and literature-rich environment for kids to stay updated on what is going on around the world, including world news, science and technology, our earth, society and art.
Youngzine is a website created due to the fact that it was hard to find “safe, well-lit web site for children where they can learn about current events around the world without the bias, sensationalism and often inapropriate content in mainstream media”. As stated on the website’s about page, Youngzine is a website “where children can learn about current news and events shaping their world – in a simple, engaging and interactive manner”. The goal is to create a “vibrant community of globally aware young citizens in an increasingly connect world”.

The news articles are written with the age of the audience in mind, including current events and trivia with interesting visuals and videos.

There are 4 big categories of news: world News, Science & Tech, Our Earth, and Society & Art. Each article has pictures and videos.

A nice feature of Youngzine is the U Write section. All kids can send in their writing to the site. It can be a poem, a school report, or a book review.

If a school teacher signs up a free account, he/she can set up a class community using the free blog service, where the teacher can assign homework and project, and kids can have a safe environment for project discussion and collaboration.

I have checked the site on my iPhone and iPad, everything functions well on my devices. I do want to point out though, since it is a website, you do need WIFI to use it, even on your mobile devices.

For more kids friendly news resource, please visit Fun and Engaging Daily News App for Kids
news-o-matic news app for kids

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