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FREE: Practice Math on 10 Monkeys Website


Today I have another math practice website for kids – 10 Monkeys. It also operates well on iPad and iPhone. It covers math from preschool to elementary school on number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There are also practices on money and word problems. Geometry problems will be added in the near future. 10Monkey Math Practice Website for Kids

Once kids get on the 10 Monkeys website, they first choose the number range they want to practice on: under 10, under 20, under 100, or under 1000.

Under each number range, there are different sets of practices: Number recognition, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Money, Word problem. Within each set there are many sub-sets for kids to choose from. For example, in the set for Addition under 100, kids will see addition with tens with picture, addition with tens without picture, addition with cross over (that single digits addition makes the sum over 10)

Once kids pick a sub-set, the practice starts. Each practice has 10 questions. Kids can answer the questions using keyboard, or the keypad provided on the screen.

If kids answer the question right, they can move to the next question; if they answer the question wrong, they will see the correct answer, then move to the next question. Kids will receive stars based on their performance. The best receives 3 stars.

10Monkeys is free to try, but if you want to keep track of kids performance and their progress, it is best to sign up for the membership. The membership for family ranges from $5 for single topic, to $17 for the whole package. These give you whole year access of the program. If you just want to use it once a while, you can always use it as a guest, which is free.

iGameMom Comments:

I like the simple interface. Kids can use it independently with minimal help. The questions are organized in the way that is easy for users to find what they want to practice on. Plus, who doesn’t like cute monkeys?

10Monkeys.com is a fun math practice site, it is FREE to try. If you want to keep track of kids’ performance, you can sign up for the membership. They also have a school purchase program so teachers can get it for the class that also allows students access from home.

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  • Missy

    Thanks for sharing! I always like finding free learning options 🙂

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