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FREE: Help Kids develop Logical and Creative Thinking


Today I want to introduce a website to everyone – AplusClick.  It is not an app, but a website.   However, it is a website that fully functions on iDevices.  I found many cool kids learning game sites, but most of those sites don’t function on iPAD.  I am so glad this one does, and I like it a lot.  To use a website like an app on your iPhone or iPAD, you can quickly create an app-like icon on your device home screen, simply follow instruction from an earlier article on How to easily access a website on your iPAD, iPhone and iPod.
AplusClick Website
What is special about this website?  The problems carried on this site are not just simple math fact drills.  All problems require logical and creative thinking, and math is just a tool or a stepping stone in the problem solving process.  For example, instead of simple math of 23+14, kids were asked to “find two numbers whose sum is 10 and whose product is 9”.  The site also uses intuitive visuals well like this 1st grade question “Which animal is the third from the left”:
AplusClick example
The introduction from the web site captures what Aplusclick is about very well:

“A+ Click features a collection of illustrated challenging math problems for students in grades one through twelve. The website has a graduated set of over 3500 problems, starting from the very simple to the extremely difficult. The website also includes hundreds of practical problems, brainteasers, and short math situations SMS.

The problems include a short description and an illustration to help problem solvers visualize the model. The problems can be solved within one minute and without using a calculator. The tests adapt to student ability. To progress to a higher level, you must correctly answer five consecutive questions. The tests concentrate on understanding, spatial reasoning, and problem solving rather than math rules and theorems.”

To use the website, simply go to the website.  kids can choose problems from Grade 1 through 12; or choose a subject, such as Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry; or the combination of the two, say Grade 5 Algebra.  There are also special topics, like Exit Exam, Funny, Sports.

Overall, Aplusclick is a good site for kids to acquire and tone their math problem solving skills, especially logical and creative thinking – an area I feel is not emphasized enough in regular school work.

As I mentioned earlier, Aplusclick is not an app, it is a website with free access.  You can use it on any device with internet connections.  To create an app-like icon on your iPAD or iPhone homescreen for easy access, follow the intructions of an earlier post  How to easily access a website on your iPAD, iPhone and iPod.

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  • Just want to share A+ news. A+Click Team just luanched a series of apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. All of them are free and ad-free.

  • Reshama Deshmukh

    Always find something useful on your site Beth! Thanks for sharing I am absolutely going to check it out. DD would love it.

  • L. Marie

    I bookmarked that site on my computer. Such a great resource!

    • I don’t see many practice sites carry questions like they have. It is great for critical thinking skills.

  • Thank you for your review of the website. A+Click team continues to develop the site and appreciates all feedback.

    • It is a great site. I hope more kids can benefit from it. Keep up the good work!

  • nothingbythebook

    Looks promising! Sharing it with my homeschool groups.

    • I like it a lot, and am using it with my son. Thanks for sharing it with your homeschool groups.

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