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App Went Free: Math Game with Strategy

Bolt by Happsan

Bolt by Happsan is a fun math game. It is FREE for limited time. As it’s said on App Store introduction, it is a “challenging, social number game” that everyone can play, regardless of age and education. You can play against the Glenn, the built-in character within the app, or you can play with your friends on the same device, or challenge other online players around the world in multiplayer mode!

The gameplay consists of a board with 42 tiles, numbered from 1 to 42 sequentially. When it is your turn, you roll the three dice to have the 3 numbers you can use to build the math equation. You can move the numbers around, or you can change the operations (minus instead of plus, multiply instead of minus, Bolt by Happsan Appetc). The resulting number is the one goes into the tiles. The bigger the resulting number is, the more points you get. However, if your opponent gets a tile next to yours, you lose your points and your tiles. When you can’t figure out a number to pick an available tile, you have to pass your turn, means no points earned. You want to fill up as many tiles as possible, and make sure not to “pass”. There are three difficulty levels in the game: easy, medium and hard.

App Features:
– Choose to play with Glenn, a random opponent or pass Bolt around
– Play with Glenn at different difficulties; easy, medium or hard
– Figure out what combination gives the highest points
– Collect all the achievements
– Chat with your opponents
– See in the chat with Glenn if you made the best calculation or not
– See all calculations made in the game

iGameMom Comments:


For kids, knowing math facts is one thing, being able to solve problems with the math facts is another.  This is a great game for kids to reinforce their math fact knowledge and taste the flavor of problem solving with math. 

Bolt by Happsan works on iPhone, iPod and iPAD. Usually $0.99, it is free for a limited time!

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Bolt by Happsan

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  • Safin

    Hello there – There’s lot of the online free strategy games for you available.

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