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CCSS Math Practice for Kindergarten Kids – Splash Math Kindergarten

Splash Math Kindergarten

We are big fans of Splash Math apps. It is a CCSS math app system. CCSS stands for Common Core State Standard. We have been using it almost daily for my son’s math practice. I like it being comprehensive and matching the school curriculum and the weekly report I receive. My son likes it for being fun and the game reward after practice. I am glad to see Splash Math’s new addition for Kindergarten.

The overall structure of Splash Math Kindergarten is similar to other Splash Math apps. Math practice for kindergarten kids

You can add 4 kids profiles, each is tracked and parents can see progress report on each child. Parent can also set goals for the kids. The goal can be minutes per day, number of questions per day, or prizes to be earned per day.

Parents can also customize the content of the practice. In the Parent section, which requires putting in a code to enter, you can select the syllabus items to be included or excluded from the practice questions. The syllabus is based on Common Core State Standard, or CCSS math curriculum. In this Kindergarten app, there are 8 chapters in the syllabus: numbers up to 5; Numbers up to 10; Compare numbers; Addition; Subtraction; Numbers beyond 10; Geometry; and Measurement. Within each chapter, there are sub-chapters. For example, within the chapter of “Numbers up to 5”, there are Count Forward, Count with Counters, Count with Objects, etc.  I would never thought of so many different ways to count, yet these are all different ways for kids to learn counting.

Once the kids start using the app, parents can see the performance tracking for each child under the Parent’s section.

The practice part is very kids friendly. It is all set in the jungle. Each session has ten questions. Kids can see clearly how many questions they have finished via the progress bar at the bottom.  Once they finish the session, kids are rewarded with an animal that they can put in their jungle. Each animal has its own moves and activities, and all animals are interactive. Obviously, the more animals in the jungle, the more fun you can have in the jungle.

Like all other Splash Math apps, Splash Math Kindergarten is a well-designed CCSS math practice app for kindergarteners. It is fun for the kids to practice math, and it makes parents’ life easier with all the tracking and reporting system. It is available on iPad. It is $9.99 on App Store. If your kids do math practice at home regularly, this is a great investment to make.

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