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FREE for limited time: Math vs. Zombies

I found this today – it is free only for one week, and seems the free week started Mar.19, so it probably will end Monday Mar.26. There is only one day left if you want to get it for free.

I did not have time to take a close enough look, but by playing quickly, it seems a fun game. You have to get the math problem right to kill the zombies before they can attack you. The math problems range from single digit to two digits of addition, subtraction and multiplication. It is a fun, engaging math drill game for grade K to grade 3.

Word of caution:

The music is a little creepy. To win the game, you have to load the bullets and shoot the zombies. If you are concerned about these features, you may not want to download this game. It is more for boys. Girls may not like it.

Introduction from the App Store:

Zombies are attacking your house and only you can stop them … with your math-powered weapons!
Twenty four exciting levels let you sharpen your addition, subtraction and multiplication skills along with having loads of fun at the same time!
Get ready to exercise your brains.

Game Play:
– You must clear 8 levels in order to eradicate the zombie menace.
– In each level, the zombies will spawn and advance towards you.
– Each zombie has a question displayed on its head. Type in the correct answer to destroy the zombie.
– Ammo packs are also available throughout the game. Solve the question displayed on them to get more ammo.
– If you start running low on health, health packs will appear on the screen which can again be unlocked by solving the question on top of them.

Game Features:
– 3 detailed, extremely fun to play worlds with 8 levels each.
– Questions support addition, subtraction and multiplication problems.
– Complete Open Feint integration with over 15 achievements.
– Global leader boards for each level.

Check it out at App Store:      Math Games Math Vs Zombies by Tap To Learn - TapToLearn Software

If you would like to check it out or download it, please use the link provided. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. I hope, with your support, I can test more apps and share back with everyone.

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  • Thanks for stopping by lifeyum yesterday; I’m so grateful to have found your blog! We have four boys and two girls…and I’m constantly battling to get them away from the electronics, especially the boys and the weapon-oriented games. Now I have something for my wild boys (and many others appropriate for the mild-mannered girls) that will engage them and sharpen their academic skills.

  • Terrific! I’m going to recommend this to my students’ parents as a way to practice basic facts.

  • I remember when I was a kid, my grandma gave me this gigantic math/calculator game shaped as an owl. I loved it and learned a lot about math.

    I would highly recommend checking out the app “Scribblenauts”, I was playing it with my 3-year old niece and she went nuts over it.

    Also, its tons of fun for adults.

    • Thanks. I put it down in my note, will check it out. What is it about?

      • You control a guy named Max who has the ability to summon any object you type. You have to use this power to solve problems. You can summon animals, objects, and even people.

        • Looks like fun. Seems they had the game for DS first. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Is this the same as Plants vs. Zombies? Was it created by the same people?

    • It is made by TapToLearn Software. Plants vs. Zombies is by PopCap.

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