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App Went FREE: Baseball Multiplications

Everyday Mathematics Baseball Multiplication

If you have a child who likes baseball, you have to get these two apps when they are FREE now, for limited time.  Everyday Mathematics Baseball Multiplication 1-12 Facts and Everyday Mathematics Baseball Multiplication 1-6 Facts.

They both are multiplication practice apps – as you can tell one is for numbers within 6, one is for numbers 6-12.  Although the app title says 1-12, while I played the game, I only get numbers between 6-12, so you do want to get both apps if your child need practice on numbers between 1 and 6.

Introduction from the App Store:

Two players, representing 2 teams, play a 3-inning baseball game as they practice their 1–6 or 6-12 multiplication facts. The players take turns at bat. On most turns, the player at bat is pitched a pair of numbers. The player multiplies the numbers and then enters the product on a keypad. If the answer is correct, the batter hits a single, double, triple, or home run. On some turns, the pitch will result in an out instead of a pair of Everyday Mathematics Baseball Multiplication Appnumbers. After 3 outs, it is the other player’s turn at bat. After 3 innings, the player with the most runs wins!

App Features:
– 2 players (for extra practice, a single player can play as Player 1 and Player 2)
– 3 innings of competitive game play
– Practices basic multiplication facts from 1 to 12
– Correct and incorrect answer feedback
– Guided/Unguided play
– Full tutorial
– Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Both Baseball Multiplications 1-6 and Baseball Multiplications 1-12 are available for iPhone, iPod and iPAD.

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