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Learn Numbers and Handwriting with123 Tracing

123 Tracing

Today I am reviewing a handwriting and math activity app called 123 Tracing by Kids Academy Company. Learning numbers is a fundamental concept to basic math, this app helps children learn their numbers through the use of tracing and handwriting.
Learn numbers and handwriting with 123 Tracing app for kidsIt is a very basic app consisting of the numbers one through ten, allowing your child to trace the numbers. It encourages repetition which increases mastery. They have added in a game of catching fireflies throughout the app. The more numbers you trace the more fireflies get added to your jar. When your jar is full you are able to free the fireflies and it creates a fun graphic. The app has fun sounds and good graphics throughout.

If you prefer old-fashioned way to practice writing, try the Stylus designed specially for Children.

This app also features a multi-user option. Allowing each child to create their own user and tracks each profile’s progress separately. A great feature when you have multiple children playing on one device.

Daisy’s Comments:

This is a great app for learning numbers and learning how to write numbers. The app does have a specific way they want the numbers traced and you can only advance when the number is traced in the way they direct. Which can be good to encourage accuracy and consistency, just a little frustrating for older users that have learned to write a number a different way.

I was a little disappointed to encounter pop up ads throughout this app, there are ads for the developer’s other apps at the end of the number completion. Follow instructions on How to child proof iPAD, you can make sure kids are not going to be able to download any apps without your permission.

123 Tracing is available for iPhone, iPod and iPAD at $2.99 on App Store. There is a HD version that is only available for iPAD, is also $2.99 on App Store.  Only the HD version is available for Android at $2.99.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
123 Tracing HD: 123 Tracing HD

Android users can find 123 Tracing HD on 123 Tracing HD on Amazon or 123 Tracing HD on Google Play.

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Daisy SimpsonToday’s app is reviewed by Daisy Simpson. Daisy is a proud mom to an active toddler and works part-time in a hospital where she utilizes technology in her work with helping kids cope in the medical setting. Her family loves being outdoors experiencing all Minnesota has to offer.

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  • I downloaded the number tracing app…using your link, so hopefully you get your percentage…however, I wanted to let you know it’s up to $2.99 from $1.99 now…and not showing two options??? 🙂

    • Thanks for letting us know! and thanks for using the link!! Unfortunately only developers have the control of the app price, and it is hard to keep updated with them. 😉 I am not sure I understand what do you mean “two options”?

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