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15 Physics Games That Are Safe for Kids To Play

15 Physics Games That Are Safe for Kids To Play post image

There are many good physics games on mobile devices, but some games have content that are not appropriate for kids, since most of these games are not designed for kids. However, many are safe for kids to play, and kids will learn a lot through these games. It takes time to find good physics games safe for kids to play. I went through many of these games, and put together a list of physics game apps that are fun and safe for kids to play. Some are game apps, some are learning apps utilizing physics mechanisms. Since most of these are not originally for kids, they are fun for you to play too.

Physics Games Apps That Are Safe for Kids to Play

15 fun physics games that are safe for kids to play, including apps and websites, kids as young as preschool age can play and learn science at the same time. Fun STEM activities for kids.
Thinkrolls and Thinkrolls 2 are two apps designed for preschool to school age kids. Kids play puzzle games and learn science concepts like gravity, buoyancy, levitation, elasticity, density, temperature, acceleration.

Where’s My Water is a physics app focused on liquid physics. Kids build pipes to deliver water to Swampy the Alligator. It is an app designed by Disney that a preschool, as well as an adult, can play.

Angry Birds is a series of apps utilizing physics in the game play. We have an article about how to teach physics with Angry Birds. Those tips also works for other apps mentioned in this article.

Monster Physics let kids design their own machines and moving devices, build them, and test them out. It is an “hands-on” physics lab without the mess, and kids can see how their designs work in “real” world.

Sprinkle is a combination of Angry Birds and Where’s My Water. Kids have to find the right angle to shoot the water to put out the fire.

Stack the States and Stack the Countries are two geography game apps that utilize physics in the game play. When kids stack the non-regular shaped states or countries on top of each other, they have to figure out how to keep them balanced and stay still.

Simple Physics challenges kids build a structure, like a tree house, or a bridge, using available materials, and then test out the design to see if it will work. Kids not only need build a strong structure, but also limit their budget within the range.

If you prefer playing games on computer, you can find many good physics games on www.physicsgames.net.

Do you have any fun physics games that your child like to play?

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  • Shahrukh

    I love cut the rope, where’s my water and angry birds. I do have recommendation for kids game (physics based) it is “Bounce N Bang”

  • Christy

    Angry birds is great at teaching about projectile motion! But I never thought about Where’s my water as actually being educational. My son loves that app! I’ll need to check out the rest of this list!

    • We love these apps. I am sure you can find something kids can learn with your engineering background.

  • Stacy

    My children (and husband) love the game inventioneers. It allows them to create all sorts of wacky inventions to test out.

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