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Where’s My Mickey – Fun Physics Games for Kids

Where is My Mickey

Where’s My Mickey is another fun app from Disney that is part of the Where’s My Water series. Where’s My Water and its’ sequel Where’s My Perry are physics games for kids. Kids learn liquid physics, problem solving and strategic planning while playing the games.

Where’s My Mickey is a new add to the series. There are 8 stories in the app, each story has a set of games. The games in the first 4 stories are free, and the rest are available via In-App Purchase.
Fun Physics Games for Kids featuring Mickey
Each story starts with a short video showing kids why Mickey needs water, then kids start with the games trying to move water to where Mickey needs it be. The first story is When Life Gives You Lemons. Mickey is setting up a lemonade stand on the beach, when every one lines up for the lemonade, Mickey finds out there is no water left. Now Mickey needs help to lead water to his lemonade stand.

After the introductory story, the game starts! Kids will dig the dirty to make a tunnel for the water to run through, find the right angle of a pipe for the water to shoot to the right spot, move the cloud around to make the rain come down at the right location, … The game gets harder as kids progress along the levels. They have to avoid some hazard materials getting into the water, figure out how to divide the limited water to two or more places to achieve the 3 stars, decide which channel to go first and which to go last, …

The art works of the game are original, and animation is alive and real. With all these and the story lines, playing the game is such an enjoyable experience.

There are two apps, Where’s My Mickey works on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Where’s My Mickey XL is designed for iPad with extra games for larger screen.  Each app is $1.99 and $2.99 respectively, with In-App Purchase options for more games and hint packages.

Where’s My Mickey is also available for Android on Amazon and Google Play.

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  • So excited to see that there s an app through google! I know a few lil guys who may really like this game

  • This is a great app for kids. Great learning experience but having fun with Mickey at the same time.

  • That looks really fun. My daughter loves mickey mouse.

    • I love Mickey too. It is a fun app, you might want to try yourself too.

  • Looking at my phone, it appears someone has already downloaded one them! woohoo! 🙂

  • Who doesn’t love Mickey! This looks like a fun educational app – I might have to check it out for myself 🙂

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