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Instructables DIY App for Makers of All Ages post image

Have you visited Every time I stopped at the site, I find something amazing and interesting. Even if I am not looking for something to make, I can always get cool creative ideas from the designs on the site. I am so glad to find out that they have free apps for Apple, Android and Windows devices. It just makes search for ideas a lot easier. If you have not used Instructable before, it is a website with tons… Read More

My Incredible Body App

Human being’s body is amazing. There is so much we can learn about our body: the structure, the function, and most amazingly, how the many parts work together to support our daily life. Teaching kids about human body is complex, and I find it easier to have something visual – pictures and, ideally, videos.  Additionally, it requires knowledge to explain the concepts right, yet still at kids level, so they understand. My Incredible Body is an educational app specially designed… Read More

Geoboard free app

I came across several homemade Geoboard ideas recently, and they reminded me the wonderful free app Geoboard, which we used recently to play some math games about geometry. It is an app from The Math Learning Center, it is available for iPhone, iPad, Windows tablets, and an app on the internet too, which means you can use the app on your computer with internet access. The app is very simple to use. There are two boards: one with 25 pegs, one… Read More

Dinosaur Chess

Last year my 6 year old daughter started learning chess both at home through playing with us and at school through an afterschool enrichment program.  Learning and playing chess encourage concentration, improve cognitive abilities and rational thinking, it is a great game for kids. Just because it requires concentration and staying power, so it was not necessarily her first choice of activity at home. I was lucky if I could convince her to play once a week, and I could see that… Read More