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I recommended BrainPop Featured Movie a while ago. Since then, my son has been using it almost every day.  Now the BrainPop has a similar app for younger kids BrainPop Jr. Similar to BrainPop Featured Movie, BrainPop Jr. offers short videos on topics that is aligned to state education standards.  Instead of a new movie every day, it offers a new movie every week.  It targets kids in kindergarten to third grade.  The videos cover a wide range of subjects, from telling… Read More

BrainPop Free App

BrainPop Featured Movie is a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It features good educational short movies for kids, teaches kids something new every day. It is provided by BrainPop, an award-winning educational online resources used by millions of teachers and students across the world. It provides a great amount of content for a free app. Users get a new animated documentary every single day, followed by a quiz to see how much they understood. Each movie has some… Read More