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Common Core Standards App

We have introduced several common core standard aligned apps, such as SplashMath, iTooch Elementary and Middle School, Math on Video.  The other day, I saw the FREE Common Core Standards app on App Store.  I found it very handy for teachers and parents to have. In the app, you will see three sections under Standards: Math – Traditional, Math – Integrated, and Language Arts.   According to, Math – Traditional is typical for schools in the US, while Integrated Math… Read More


When I reviewed the SplashMath App, I was really in love with the app. Because it provides a comprehensive math exercise for kids at elementary school, with all the contents aligned with school curriculum.  Today I am even more excited to share another app that is also linked with school curriculum, and what is more, it includes Math, Language Art, and Science for Grade 3 to 5, and Health for Grade 5 - this is a total of 10 titles. … Read More