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Traveling with kids can be one of two things…an absolute joy, or a terrifyingly stressful ordeal. The best thing a parent can do to prevent the latter is to BE PREPARED. Enter my secret weapon—the iPad. On long bus, train or plane rides, we do as many non-digital activities as possible. But the inevitable point always comes when the iPad is the best solution. My arsenal of Apps always have a real world component, that means whatever activity we do… Read More


iLuv Drawing Animals – Learn to draw 40 animals is a great app teaching kids how to draw animals.  The step-by-step guide is intuitive and easy to follow, the coloring and background options make the process more enjoyable and more rewarding.  When the kids finish their masterpieces, they can save it to their drawing books, or share with family and friends. The best part of the app is the step by step guide.  It breaks down the whole picture into… Read More