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Kid-friendly iPAD Case

A while ago, I reviewed three baby-friendly iPAD cases. For babies, the cases must have drop protection and water proof. For older kids, there will be less drools or spills (they still happen, but are more manageable if you set up good house rules, such as no drinks while using iPAD). Today I recommend four iPAD cases for older kids. All these four cases have good drop protections, but offer no water proof. Gripcase: the case is made of shock… Read More


After I posted “How to Child-proof iPAD”, I got a lot questions about child-proof iPAD cases.  I did some research and found 3 cases that are good for babies and toddlers.  For iPAD cases for older kids, please visit HERE. What to consider when choosing iPAD cases for babies and toddlers: First of all, it is the drop protection.  You want a case that can absorb the shock.  Next, you want to have a screen protector that is liquid proof.  In addition, you… Read More