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Grade 7 Word A Day Visual and Audios

Vocabulary is a big part of language mastery.  How to make the vocabulary building process fun could be a challenge sometime.  I found a new series of apps I think you will like – Word A Day Visuals and Audios.  Currently, they have an app for Grade 6 and Grade 7 each, with more to come.  I only reviewed the app for Grade 7. Sourcing the words from Sadlier-oxford, the app uses illustrations, voice and short storyline for every word… Read More

The Opposites

The Opposites is a game app helping kids learn opposite vocabulary.  Kids will have a good time acquiring new words not even thinking about learning, because it is a game.  In addition to learning opposite words, kids also improve their hand-eye coordination and reading speed, because to win a gold medal they have to find the right word and tap on the word quickly. It is free now, but for a limited time. Introduction at the app store: An exciting… Read More