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10 Fun Kids Activities of Water Play at Home

Mom’s Library

Welcome back to Mom’s Library. Today we continue our summer fun activities for kids series. If you missed last week’s Backyard activities, make sure visit 10 Fun Backyard Activities for Kids. Today we are featuring 10 fun water play activities at home for kids. It is nice you can go to a swimming pool or beach, but you don’t have to go swimming to have water fun. Take a look at these fun ideas to play with water at home.

10 Fun Kids Water Activities to Play At Home

fun ideas of water play at home
Make a sailboat or pirate ships with soda bottles then play in the bathtub

Hang up some water balloons, and kids will let you know what they can do with them.

How about water balloon tennis?


Use foam blocks to do some spelling and math in a bucket or bathtub

An ocean sensory bin is a perfect activity for a summer afternoon

Colored ice sensory play sounds really good in the hot summer days, and it is so easy to make

Have you tried ice cube painting?

Sometimes, it is as simple as laying out some pots and buckets and water, kids will be ready to explore and have fun and there are so many simple ways to incorporate some learnings in the play also.

Outdoor dish wash station could be a fun activity for an early evening after dinner

Painting with water on the driveway can be an activity for the whole family

Do you have any suggestions on water play at home?

After all the water activities, kids will be interested in water themed learning activities. This Underwater Learning Adventure would be perfect.Underwater Learning Adventure - Learning Games

Don’t forget our huge summer fun giveaway. It is over $1000 value of summer fun. Visit the  Summer Giveaway page to enter for a chance to win. Visit 10 Fun Backyard Activities for Kids to link up your summer fun activities. We will continue to feature cool summer kids activity ideas.

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  • Brenda

    I have been having my kids “wash the car” for years, since the little one was at least 3. I get a big bucket or bin fill it with warm soapy water and some old rags and have the kids put on their bathing suits. I am in charge of the hose and spray the car and the kids while they run screaming and giggling. They love it and I even pay them a dollar to do it!

    • Sounds so fun! Bet they love the dollar too. Thanks for sharing!

  • My son loves water! These will be fun!

  • We love water play — it’s such a great way to cool off on hot days! Love these ideas!

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