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Learn STEM on My.Future


STEM is a quickly developed area. It includes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These fields are in high demand. As data has shown, STEM is growing as twice as fast as other field by 2018. What do you do to encourage kids’ interest in STEM field? Today we share a wonderful website with tons of STEM information for kids, as well as for teachers. This post was sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club of America as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.
MyFuture STEM site
Boys & Girls Club of America My.Future platform is website created by Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Boys & Girls Clubs is an organization of over 150 years history. They design and run learning programs outside of school systems. Given the fast growth in the demand of STEM related skills in today’s youth, Boys and Girls Clubs of America designed My.Future site to encourage kids to explore STEM fields, with lesson plans for educators.

When you visit My.Future site, you will find 3 categories: Exploring, Building, Communicating.

Under Exploring, kids will find topics like how to edit Wikipedia, photo manipulation. In Building, kids can choose to learn building a blog, or creating a mobile movie. In Communicating, kids learn about cyber bullying, online password and hacking. Each Category has sub-categories. For example, under Exploring, there are Analyzing Digital Graphics, Find and Evaluate Information, Navigate the web. To make it easier for kids to find the lessons at their level, under each category, kids can search classes of 3 levels: beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

When kids select a topic, they will be led to the detailed step-by-step instructions on what to do and how to do it. It is a resource for kids to explore and learn technology related topics at their own pace. If kids sign up as members, they can own badges after finishing each activity.

When kids finish the essential activities, they can go to the extension activities, with the extended resources provided from the website.

Give it a try. Your kids will have fun and learn many useful skills there.

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