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15 Fall Learning Activities – Art and Crafts

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I am very excited to see so many great articles linked up this week.  A big theme I saw is a lot seasonal activities.  Fall is a season with tons of learning topics – season change, color change, leaves, pumpkins, apples, rocks, … I am very impressed by everyone’s creativity in finding different ways to help our kids learn!

In autumn, we are having tons of leaves? What can you do with all the leaves?  Here is an easy craft with autumn leaf, and it is so pretty.

While leaves are pretty, how about bark? Can you think how to use it in craft?  Check out this Bark and Paint Swatch Trees.

Talking about trees, here are two different ways to create a tree craft: with sponge and with buttons.

This Mini Fall Lacing Wreath is so easy, yet beautiful.  You won’t believe what it is made of!

Have you ever tried painting with real fruits and vegetables? You may want to visit Make a Fall Book to find out how it can be done.

If you are looking for more painting ideas, here are 7 Creative Fall Painting Ideas.

Of course, we can’t skip pumpkins when talking about fall. Check out Yarn Pumpkins and Pimp Pumpkin.

Will you try any of the activities? Would love to hear how you like it.

15 autumn art and craft ideasThank you all for sharing. I look forward to more creative learning ideas.

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