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3 Architecture Books for Kids to Travel the World

3 Architecture Books for Kids to Travel the World post image

Recently I found some interesting architecture books about buildings and structures around the world. I love the design, and illustration and content of the books. What makes these books special is the ability to “see inside”. They are architect books, science books or STEM books, they are also cultural books, as kids get to see different cities, buildings, palaces around the world to experience and explore without leaving the comfort of home.
architecture books for kids to travel the world
See inside Great Cities: A fabulous lift-the-flap book for children showing the varied and vibrant lives of the world’s greatest cities. Lift over 80 flaps to discover famous landmarks and amazing facts about London, Paris, Istanbul, Shanghai and more. Explore soaring skyscrapers, elegant cathedrals, leafy parks, and bustling shopping streets – and discover fascinating facts and details beneath the flaps.

See Inside Famous Palaces Open the gates of the world’s most famous palaces, from the sun-splashed courtyards of the Alhambra to the dazzling rooms of Versailles. There are over 90 flaps for children to lift, revealing the great halls of the Forbidden City in Imperial China, the tiled pavilions of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul and the beautiful bedrooms of Hampton Court. Eight of the most magnificent palaces from around the world, throughout time, all illustrated in immaculate detail for children to explore.

See Inside Famous Buildings: This book lets kids discover and explore some of the world’s most famous buildings. Looking at famous buildings from across the world and history, each illustration opens up to reveal the building’s interior as well as fascinating facts such as how they were built and their histories. Buildings include the Empire State Building, Guggenheim Museum, Himeji Castle, Versailles Palace, Blue Mosque, Notre Dame Cathedral and more. This book contains over fifty sturdy embedded flaps for kids to see the inside of the building structures.

If you have kids like buildings and architecture, these are great books to read. They are designed for kids age 6 and up, but younger kids can still enjoy the books with a little help from someone who can read for them. They are all board books.

If your child like these books, you may want to check out the app Homes Around the World.
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