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35 Simple Art Ideas for Kids

Mom’s Library

It is time for Mom’s Library again. Yesterday, I saw a discussion on a Facebook group about how much the schools have cut on special classes. Looks like many schools have very little time for art. But art is important in children’s development. They learn observing things around them, pay special attentions to details they would otherwise miss. The creation process requires all senses, imagination and coordination. Today we are sharing some fun simple art ideas for kids, hope you and your kids can catch up on some arts during the summer to make up what they missed from school.

35 Simple Art Projects for Kids 35 simple art projects for kids

Summer is a great time to go outdoor, here are 8 brilliant ideas to bring art to outdoors.

Art does not have to be hard or complicated, this is a simple yarn wrapped tulip art for young children

and here is a simple art with bottle cap

This spring blossom tree look so pretty, yet is very easy to make

This ocean scene is made with chalk and tempera paint, I just love the creation process and I bet kids would love the rubbing part.

This is another art project that is great for young kids, marbled fish using shaving cream

Even for babies, you can find ways to make some art with them, every one will love this hand print keepsake

Here are 20 art project ideas for school age kids

They can also create a plaster cat and set up a puppet show

Which idea will you try first? Do you have some cool art ideas for kids?

Looking for more creative activities for kids? Check out this free comic creation tool, with pre-made images for kids to use. Kids can create art and story at the same time. Free storytelling tool for kids

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