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4 Kids Crafts with Leaves

Mom’s Library

Welcome to Mom’s Library. How is the weather at where you live?  Is it getting cold? Are you getting a lot leaves?  We got leaves everywhere.  I am so glad to see some leaf activities are shared at Mom’s Library.  Today I am featuring:

4 leaf crafts that are fun for the kids:

Have you ever tried to make crafts with real leaves?

Try make a leaf people portrait

or make a leaf owl

If you can’t find real leaves, here are ideas of making leaves with coffer filter 

or with crayon shaving.

Leaf Crafts for Kids

Do you find any of these craft interesting?  Do you have any leaf craft ideas to share?

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  • Hannah

    Thanks for featuring our coffee filter leaves!

  • Rae

    We recently moved from the beach to the stix… it’s been years since we’ve lived around trees with leaves you can craft with, Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I thought they are pretty neat ideas. We have tons of leaves, so we probably will do some leaf projects.

  • Kiley

    Thanks for the feature.

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