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7 Easy Art Projects Kids Can Do

Mom’s Library

It is time for Mom’s Library again. In the past several weeks, I made a creative learning activity series from the posts shared at Mom’s Library. If you missed them, make sure check them out.  Especially the one from last week: Creative Learning Activities with Candy.

Here are the rest Creative Learning Series articles:
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Today I am sharing some easy art projects that young kids can do. I only picked a snapshot of the final art work for the collage, make sure visit each article to see how they managed to make the creation process easy and fun.

Do you see the apple prints on the collage?  Can you believe kids made them using toilet paper roll?

Can you guess what is used for the colorful leaf picture at the bottom of the collage?  Read Fall Crafts for Kids: Cellophane Stained Glass.

The piece on the top-right corner of the collage is created on paper towel. Visit Paper Towel Art to find out how they created this beautiful art effect on paper towel.

Can you tell the little owl is made of toilet paper roll? Visit the article to find out what else they used for the project.

This pumpkin print will sure be a great one for the season.

Here are two modern arts: Movable Modern Arts and Cubist Art.

Have you tried any of these activities?  which one do you like the best?

Easy Art Projects for Kids

Thank you all for sharing. I look forward to more creative learning ideas.

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  • The coffee filter owl is really cute!

    • It is, and seems easy enough for some one like me to put it together. 🙂

  • Great post…and website!

  • This is such a great compilation of kid arts and crafts. AWESOME!! Now I have some ideas to keep my boys from fighting with each other 🙂

    • Thanks Sofia. Now let’s hope your boys will like them too. 🙂

  • Wow thats a nice list! I am always looking for more crafty things to try out with my kiddos!

  • Great ideas! I’ll have to try the “apple printing” one. 🙂 I have my kids do a window craft similar to the leaf one you posted. Instead of cellophane, we iron leaves that the kids find between two pieces of wax paper. (Check out #160 in the linky for full instructions.)

    • Glad you find something you like, and thanks for link up yours. Will check it out.

  • Thanks for featuring our window art!

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