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Smart Ways to Use Tablets with Kids during Travel post image

Now more and more families own tablets. It is almost a must while families travel. If you are taking a tablet with you, more than likely your kids will get on it too. However, taking a tablet with you when you are traveling doesn't mean you should let kids play games on it whenever they can. One, they should not stare at the screen for too long. Two, there are ways for hands on educational activities using tablets. Yes, you… Read More

Free Apps: Interactive Math Toys on iPad post image

We reviewed the interactive math toy Tiggly toy when they just came out. It is a fun learning toy integrating the interactive feature of the touch screen. The first set is focused on shapes. This 2nd set is about numbers and additions. It is a great idea for a holiday gift or birthday present for kids 5 and younger. What is Tiggly? Tiggly is a set of toys that interact with the touch screen. With this new set of toys… Read More

Huawei smart phone

How often do you charge your phone? I have been charging my phone almost every night. Isn't it nice if we have a phone that we don't have to charge that often? Recently, I got a chance to participate in the program for Huawei's new smartphone Ascent Mate 2 via TapInfluence. The best thing I like so far – the 60 hours battery life. This is 2 and half days that you don't have to charge the phone. If you… Read More

Educational Holiday Gifts for Kids To Go with iPhone and iPad post image

It is hard to believe it is time to think about holiday gifts already. This year I am putting a list of our favorite tablet toys and accessories for kids. If you already have an iPad or iPhone, or are planning to get one this holiday season, these toys will go well with iPad and iPhone, and all are educational and fun! For more gift ideas for kids, please visit 15 gift guides for kids from real moms. We also… Read More

Kids Friendly iPad Case for the Whole Family – LazePad post image

Do you have an iPad case that can hold the iPad up for you, so you have two free hands to do whatever you need to? Like reading a recipe while cooking, typing on computer while searching for references on the internet, or doing stretching while watching a movie on Netflix? Or you want to set up the iPad for kids to watch a PBS kids show, but don’t want them to hold the iPad too close to their face… Read More


Have you ever had a time that your phone is running out of battery while you are in the middle of a phone conversation? Or you cannot take any pictures because you run out of space on your device? I don’t remember how many times that I had to stop my phone conversation in the middle of sentences because my phone was dead. Today I have a perfect product for these situations – sync, charge and store all in one… Read More

holiday gift guide

While putting together the Holiday Gift Guide for Techie Kids and 15 Holiday Gift Guides for Kids from Real Moms, I came across a lot cool products using new  technologies that I have not seen before. I thought they could be great Christmas gifts for many families.  In case you are still looking for gift ideas, this is iGameMom's holiday gift guide for the techie family. If you would like to check them out or purchase it, please use the links provided below. The cost is… Read More

Amphibian Waterproof Case for iPhone 5

Have you ever wished you can take your phone with you while you are out playing in the snow, or at the beach, or the water park, or when you are hanging out around the pool with kids? There are times I wished I had my phone with me on these occasions, but I had to put the phone away, because I didn’t want to get the phone wet. Today I am sharing a cool iPhone case that can waterproof… Read More

Tiggly Safari

A while ago Tiggly shared with me their new product – an interactive iPAD toy helping kids learn shapes. I was very intrigued by the concept and agreed to review the toy when it is available.  Now I received the toy and I am pleasantly surprised at how well the toy function and how much learnings they put into their three free apps.  If you are looking for gift ideas for kids age 1 to 5, this is a great… Read More

Holiday Gift Guide

Have you started holiday shopping? Or at least started thinking and planning about it? Today I am joining a team of mom bloggers to share the ultimate gift guide for kids and families. Each of us offers a themed gift guide, iGameMom’s is a holiday gift guide for techie kids, with an emphasis on gifts that enhance learning experience on mobile devices.  The links to the products are affiliate links - meaning if you buy product through the link, the cost… Read More

Multiple devices

How many cell phones and tablets do you have at home?  How do you manage your multiple mobile devices to make sure they are all charged all the time? Have you ever find the situation when you and your spouse or your child are fighting for the only one outlet left?  Today I am going to share chargers that can charge multiple mobile devices at the same time, and hope they will make your life a little easier. The Four iPhone/iPad Charging Hub I found my first multiple device charger via a web search.  I really like… Read More


We love the iPAD and the numerous learning apps we have for our little one.  My toddler loves drawing and coloring apps and at almost two years of age, he has even started tracing some letters.  I like the drawing and doodling apps on the iPAD because it allows kids to have fun and we don't have to worry about printing or wasting papers.  However I was wishing there was a little pen he can use on the iPAD, as drawing with a finger is not the same… Read More