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Educational Holiday Gifts for Kids To Go with iPhone and iPad

Educational Holiday Gifts for Kids To Go with iPhone and iPad post image

It is hard to believe it is time to think about holiday gifts already. This year I am putting a list of our favorite tablet toys and accessories for kids. If you already have an iPad or iPhone, or are planning to get one this holiday season, these toys will go well with iPad and iPhone, and all are educational and fun! For more gift ideas for kids, please visit 15 gift guides for kids from real moms. We also have techie gift guide for the whole family, and the link to the guide is at the bottom of this post.

Educational Holiday Gifts for Kids to Go With iPAD and iPhone

Educational Toys for Children to Go With iPhone iPad
Ubooly – the smart toy that talks (age 1 – 10) is a cute animal who talks to your kids! It can listen to your kids, and respond to their questions. It tells joke, guide the child on imaginative play, or even a science experiment. To learn more about Ubooly, visit Interactive Educational Toy – Ubooly.

Tiggly interactive iPAD Toy (age 1 – 6) is an interactive learning tool that actively engage kids in activities leveraging the free apps and the connection between the toy and the touch screen. Kids learn shapes, colors, practice motor skills, and storytelling skills. Now they just launched the 2nd set of Tiggly toy Tiggly Counts.

iCrayon the stylus made for kids (age 2 – 8) is designed for kids’ hands, so it is easy for kids to grab and hold. If you want to have kids practice writing and drawing on tablet, you really should have a stylus they can use. For more information, please visit How to help kids practice handwriting on iPAD

Crayola Digital Toolkit for iPad (age 3+) provides iPad-compatible mess-free drawing tools for kids to be creative on iPad. They can even create 3D pictures with special drawing stylus and the included 3D glasses.

Crayola Virtual Design Pro-Fashion Set let your young fashion designers design their own lines of clothes, and upload the design into the app and watch the fashion show of their own design. Available for iOS and Android.

Virtual Design Pro-Cars Set is for kids who love cars. Similar to the fashion design kit, this set let kids design cars on paper and then see them come to life using the included app. It works on both iOS and Android.

iPhone controlled helicopter (age 6+) using iPhone as a remote control to maneuver the helicopter via a free app. It is great for hand-eye coordination exercise, and great to get the kids outdoor! For more information, visit iPhone iPad controlled Helicopter.

Sphero Ball is a fun toy with many free apps that enable kids to program the moves of the ball. Kids don’t have to sit in front of computers to learn computer coding anymore, they can take the ball outside, or anywhere they want to.

Orbotix Ollie for Android and iOS (age 6+) is a fun toy from the same creator of Sphero Ball, another robot that can spin, drift, and flip with app-powered tricks. Ollie is engineered for speed, programmed for tricks, a great toy for the whole family.

OSMO Learning System bridges the off-screen physical activities and on-screen digital activities. Kids play math, spelling, Tangram games off screen, and watch the interaction and results on screen.

The game of life iPAD edition (age 8+) brings the popular board game to a new level. We love the life lessons kids gain through play. Now the game is available with an app. You still play on the board, but with added interaction on iPAD via the app.

Zepp Tennis Swing Analyzer is not a toy per se, but a very cool tennis training device powered by the unique motion sensory technique via the free app that provides insights of the players’ moves and help the players improve their play.

Cozmo is a little robot that kids can control the move by programming on an app. There are many interesting functions that kids can explore. It is a fun and interactive way to learn coding and robotics.

How do you like the list? Which one will you get for your kid? Do you have any suggestions?

This is our holiday gift guide for kids. For a gift guide for the whole family, please visit Holiday Gift Guide for the Techie Families.
Holiday Gift Guide for Techie Family - iGameMom

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