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11 Kids Activities to Learn Coding without a Computer post image

Computer coding is essentially a language that computer uses. When we think about helping kids learn computer coding, we automatically think we need a computer first. But in fact, there are many ways to learn computer coding without a computer, as many thinking and coding approach can be learned in different activities off-screen. Today we share some off-screen activities that teach kids computer programming. One of the important coding skills is to break a big task into smaller actionable steps… Read More

Free App: Scratch Jr Coding App for Young Children post image

Scratch Jr is a free app from the developers of Scratch at MIT. It is designed for younger children to learn coding. Different from other coding apps for young children, it encourages storytelling as well. With the many interactive functions, parents and teachers can use it as a customizable tool to teach kids many other subjects, such as following instructions, counting, coloring. When you first start the app, there is a tutorial video. I highly suggest going through the video… Read More

Free App: The Foos Teaches Preschoolers Coding post image

This week is Computer Science Education week. To correspond to the campaign Hour of Code, we are sharing a fun coding app designed for preschool kids, and it is Free.  The app is called The Foos: Code for an Hour. The app introduces programming concepts through exciting puzzle adventures. It is for kids or adults who know nothing about coding or programming. So get started, download the app, put in your hour of code this week! There are 24 levels… Read More

sphero app

I was very excited when I received the Sphero ball. I have seen it on the web and was very curious how it works. Moving a ball around using a mobile device looks so fun. After I did some research about the product, saw how it can help kids learn coding and computer programming, I was even more intrigued to get hands on and figure it all out. I knew most of you – iGameMom readers will be interested in… Read More

Free App Teaching Young Children Coding post image

We have reviewed several apps teaching kids coding, like Hopscotch and Codecademy. Today we have another free app for kids to learn computer programming – Kodable. Kodable starts from the very simple concepts and is great for kids as young as preschool to gain the fundamental concepts of coding. When kids start the app, they will see a path built with little square tiles on the grass. On some of the tiles there are gold coins. Kids need give instructions with… Read More

Daisy the Dinosaur free app

I have introduced several apps teaching kids computer language and coding, including some free apps. Each app has pro and con’s, and each app has its target users. Today I have another free app teaching kids coding. It is called Daisy the Dinosaur. It is designed by the same developer of Hopscotch, which is also a free app teaching kids coding. What are the differences between Daisy the Dinosaur and Hopscotch?  First they both are very intuitive to use. Kids… Read More

Move the Turtle App

Move the Turtle is an innovative and thought provoking app that teaches kids some of the basics of coding.  This app performs a service as more than a programming app but as a thinking app.  Really, it helps kids learn how to think.  It shows kids how to break things down by degrees and ask what happens when you change this but not that? that but not this? switch the order of this and that? and finally how crazy can… Read More