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Learn Coding with Anna and Elsa from Frozen

Learn Coding with Anna and Elsa from Frozen post image

Who like the movie Frozen? If you have an Anna and Elsa fan at home, you may want to try this coding program, that kids will learn coding with Anna and Elsa. It is a free coding program from code.org that teaches kids the basics of coding. With the program, kids not only learn fundamental coding concepts but also learn to love coding. At least, they won’t think coding is mysterious.
Learn coding with Frozen Anna Elsa free program
To access the free program, you just need get on the program website and click on the “try now” button. You can access the program on your computer or tablets.

There are 20 units in the program. Each unit is built upon the earlier ones. It is designed for someone who has none coding experience at all.

The first unit is to teach kids move Elsa forward to draw a straight line on the ice. It will show kids how to move the coding blocks to build the codes. After kids finish building the code, they can hit the run button below the picture, and watch Else or Anna move on the ice follow their codes. If kids did the code correctly, they can move on the next unit. If not, the program will provide hints for them to figure out how to correct the codes.

Through out the 20 units, kids will learn the coding concepts of moving forward, backward, making turns of different angles, using repeat statements. They will even learn to nest one repeat inside another repeat. The first unit is very easy, that almost everyone can do, even a preschooler. But when it is to the last several units, it does require some thinking.

I also like the “show code” feature. While kids using coding blocks to learn the basic concepts, it is helpful for them to see the behind the scene Java codes. For some advanced coders, it is a good way to learn how to put the Java codes together.

Coding with Elsa and Anna is a fun coding activities for kids, especially for girls. Plus it is free. Enjoy.

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