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Free YouTube Learning Video Series on Any Topics You Want to Learn

Free YouTube Learning Video Series on Any Topics You Want to Learn post image

Recently my son has been using a YouTube channel for his American history study. I remember hearing about Crash Course, but never got the chance to actually check it out. From what my son was watching, I found the learning videos are really interesting, and decided to explore a little more. I am so glad I did, and it is a wonderful YouTube channel that covers a lot subjects. The content is great for school age kids, either for the use in the classroom, or as supplement, or just watch for fun. Not long ago, they started another channel just for kids with many science content for elementary school kids.
Have you ever want to learn something, like history, economy, science? This is a free learning channel on YouTube with many courses for kids and adults, and they just added a new channel specially designed for kids: Kids Science. Great learning resource leveraging the new technology, for school supplements, or for homeschool.
If you go to the Crash Course YouTube channel, you will find there are too many videos to know where to start. It is easier if you go to the channel’s playlist. From there you will find the videos by subjects. For

Currently they have World History, US History, US Government and Politics, Economics, Intellectual Property, English Literature, Biology, Ecology, chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy. Each series has from 10 to 40 videos to cover the topic. Each video is about 10-15 minutes long. It is a perfect length to fit into the busy schedules. You can watch all the videos under the topic sequentially, or pick the subject that are most interest to you. The same with Crash Course Kids.

The course has very good visuals. Either some animated cartoons, or nice interactive charts or graphs, all make the courses fun and easier to follow. However, I do feel that talking speed for the courses is a bit too fast for me. I guess it won’t be crash course otherwise.

We have shared many math and science YouTube channels for kids. I am glad to find channels for social studies. I don’t think a total of 400-600 minutes (10-15 mins per video, 10-40 videos for each topic) is enough to cover the subjects like US History, Economics, but these contents are great addition to the formal curriculum and maybe just the right one to get your child interested in learning more. You can find the Crash Course channel on YouTube.

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