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The Human Body

'She's a beauty!' passed through my mind as we slid through the Human Body Anatomy App by Tinybop. What a gorgeous learning tool, especially for a first effort from this new Brooklyn based development company. There were a few glitches, but overall, this company will be worth paying attention to. This creatively sophisticated (and stylish) app allows children and adults alike to marvel in our understanding of the human body without being too scary or too over/underwhelming. Your child can create… Read More

Lucky Escape – Human Body Detective

Over the next few weeks the Piwi kids and I will be reviewing the Human Body detectives (HBD) series for iPad.  There are 3 titles based on the Award winning (printed) books written and illustrated by Naturopathic Doctor, Heather Manley. Young sisters, Merinn and Pearl are Human Body Detectives. After reading a lot about anatomy they both are able to use their imagination to go on adventures inside the body to solve medical mysteries. The HBD series aims to teach… Read More

Toca Doctor

Toca Doctor is a medical-themed puzzle game for toddlers.  There are 21 mini-games in the app. To start the games, you move the robot doctor around the patient’s body.  Each time the robot doctor screen the patient, there will be several sick spots identified.  You go through the sick spots one by one.  Each spot is a puzzle game.  For example, if the mouth is the sick spot, you will be tapping on jumping germs in the patient’s mouth. If… Read More