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Back to School Apps

It is hard to believe the school is starting soon. Are you ready for the kids going back to school? Are the kids ready? We have shared our tips on how to prepare kids for back to school. Today I am also sharing some wonderful apps that will help kids be ready to back to school, and do well at school for various subjects. I hope these back-to-school apps will help the kids to achieve straight A's and stay happy socially! First, here… Read More

Angry Birds

Even if you don’t like games or never played Angry Birds, you probably have seen those red birds somewhere - toy store, candy store, ...  I have heard two completely different opinions about Angry Birds from parents.  Some think it is a great educational game.  Some believe kids are wasting time playing Angry Birds.  As you can guess, I am in the first camp.  I think Angry Birds is a great physics game.  If you are interested, here is an… Read More


I have been trying to find a good dictionary app for my son. After some search, Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Dictionary.com became the top two choices. Both are pretty good, but I don’t want to load too many apps on the iPAD, so I picked Merriam-Webster (Free). Here are the reasons: Intrusive ads: Both apps have free versions. The main difference between paid version and the free version is running ads in the free version. Dictionary.com has two ads at the… Read More