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A couple of weeks ago, my son found out our metronome was not working. He was having trouble with one of the new music pieces. His teacher suggested practice with a metronome. A friend told me about a free iPhone App called Chatternome. I downloaded to my phone. However, when we used it, we realized it is hard to set the tempo. You select the tempo by sliding an oval-shaped dot along a line - moving up leads to slower… Read More

I came across HowePrincipal's blog about book apps. As a school principal, his evaluation is professional. I learned from his blog: 1. Book Apps is different from Apps based on books. 2. When kids are learning to read, we don't want the animations to distract the young readers from the text. Instead, we want to have an app that help them focus on the text and better yet, remember the text. The link to his article is here… Read More

There are so many free games out there. But be aware -- a free app can actually cost you $100 or more! How? by in-app purchases! Free apps with in-app purchases (called freemium) are becoming more and more prevalent in the app stores and are a big source of revenue for app developers. While they're free to download, they offer incentives within the app to buy things that cost REAL money. Things you can buy: furniture for the house, outfit… Read More