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Free App: Tap Metronome

A couple of weeks ago, my son found out our metronome was not working. He was having trouble with one of the new music pieces. His teacher suggested practice with a metronome. A friend told me about a free iPhone App called Chatternome. I downloaded to my phone. However, when we used it, we realized it is hard to set the tempo. You select the tempo by sliding an oval-shaped dot along a line – moving up leads to slower tempo, moving down faster tempo. I thought I stopped at 75, but when I lifted my finger off the screen, the beat number always changed to a different number. On top of the tempo issue, it didn’t give beeping sound, instead it only had a real person’s voice counting the beat, 1-2-3-4, etc. The counting voice was low. When my son was playing piano, he had hard time to hear the counts.

We had to find another solution – either find another metronome app, or buy a real metronome. I did a search online. It is amazing how many metronome apps are available. I picked another free one. It is called Tap Metronome by Dan Soper. This one has the beeping sound. It is loud enough that my son can hear the beat while playing the piano. Also, it is very easy to set the tempo and you get to choose the time signature.

There are more metronome apps out there, some with more functions. This Tap Metronome meets our need and works fine for us.

Check it out at App Store“.

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  • Yuki

    Very cool app! 🙂

    • iGameMom

      It is, and it is free. 🙂

  • Wendy

    I had an app that my kids liked, but it annoyed me like crazy. I’ll try this one! Thanks!

  • Andrea

    Love that you an tap a tempo and it will tell you how fast you were playing.

    • Glad you like it!

    • fawnahareo

      Yes, that’s a great feature! A friend of mine showed me her metronome, which can do that, and it’s such a handy thing. Neat to know there’s an app that can do the same thing.

      • Fawnahareo,
        Thanks for your note. Would mind sharing what your friend used?

      • fawnahareo

        I really couldn’t tell you, other than it was a real-life metronome, maybe from Korg or Boss. 🙂 Clearly, I am behind the times, since it seems every app-type metronome has this feature.

  • Andrea

    Will have to tell my students about this one.

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