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Just a Day at the Pond – Little Critter

Just a Day at the Pond by Mercer Mayer is a book in the classic Little Critter series. Book apps are a great way to promote literacy, encourage imagination, and learn new vocabulary words. A book from a classic series helps kids engage in the story quicker and easier. Although it is designed for children ages 2 to 5, a classic book like this can bring back memories and is great for the family to enjoy together. This book is… Read More

Wubbzy’s The Night Before Christmas

Wubbzy’s The Night Before Christmas is a Christmas storybook for young readers. The night before Christmas, Wubbzy and his friends are snuggly-snug in their beds until they hear the pitter-patter jingle-jangle and merry sounds of Santa Claus and his reindeer. … The story is an adaption of the classic The Night Before Christmas Holiday poem, with interactive features and more.  Kids can tap on the reindeer’s red nose to see it shine, or tap on the holiday lights to see… Read More

Little Critter Collection 2

If you are an avid user of the iPad for children's books, then you are no stranger to Oceanhouse Media. They are the developers who bring many childhood classics into a digital format. If you are new to the onscreen versions of these childhood classics, we can tell you Oceanhouse Media does a terrific job to deliver consistent quality to your iPad. The books are clear and simple, they maintain the exact format of their paper counterparts. There are no… Read More Ham and Jam

I reviewed several apps from, including the 3 Zoo Sets and Grand Canyon.  Now they have a Beginning Reader Series: Word Families, helping kids learn phonics via word families.  Currently there are 6 titles in the series. All the apps are free. What a great resource of early literacy for kids! This is a series introducing "young learners to the joys of reading through stories that emphasize word families, ie. groups of words with the same ending sound, such as… Read More

Ice Age Movie Storytime Collection

Have you seen any of the Ice Age movie? Do you like them?  Now it is available on iPhone/iPod/iPAD.  Even better, for a limited time, it is FREE. This is a book app developed by iStoryTime, who also developed Wee Sing & Learn ABC.  With the initial download (now it is free), you get Ice Age story.  It is essentially a picture book with background music.  Both the pictures and the narration are authentic.  There are three options to read… Read More

PlayTales Gold

If you go to App store, you will find out that the number of book apps for babies and toddlers are growing tremendously.   It is overwhelming to look through the list, if there is a list.  It is hard to decide which one to get, which one will worth the money…   I had always hoped to have a place where I can just “borrow” the app for two days, and then decide if I want to buy it or not. … Read More


Before you get into the sales information, make sure check the Giveaway that’s ongoing right now.  The current Giveaway at iGameMom is the very cool app Ice is Nice from Cat in the Hat Learning Library.  It ends this Saturday.  If you are interested, please go here to put in your entries before it ends. Now the summer sale - if you like the Five Little Monkey stories, but have not purchased the apps, now it is a good opportunity.  All 6… Read More