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It is time for Mom's Library again. Today I want to feature some books and book related activities. July 4 is US Independence Day.  It is a great time to learn about the country and the history.  I am glad to see these 6 picture books about 4th of July from Ready Set Read.  Have you visited your local library?  If you are too busy to go during the school year, summer is a great time to visit your library.  Before you… Read More

The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories DrSeuss

The Bippolo Seed and Other Lost Stories by Dr Seuss is another app produced by Oceanhouse Media and adds to their mighty cannon of Dr Seuss related products. I have to admit to being a very late latecomer when it comes to Dr Seuss. I was never introduced to it as a child and hadn't read any of the stories until I had children of my own. I know, I know! My only excuse is that it just never featured… Read More

I came across HowePrincipal's blog about book apps. As a school principal, his evaluation is professional. I learned from his blog: 1. Book Apps is different from Apps based on books. 2. When kids are learning to read, we don't want the animations to distract the young readers from the text. Instead, we want to have an app that help them focus on the text and better yet, remember the text. The link to his article is here… Read More