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Summer Reading Fun – Mom’s Library

Moms Library

It is time for Mom’s Library again. Today I want to feature some books and book related activities.

July 4 is US Independence Day.  It is a great time to learn about the country and the history.  I am glad to see these 6 picture books about 4th of July from Ready Set Read

Have you visited your local library?  If you are too busy to go during the school year, summer is a great time to visit your library.  Before you go, make sure to check out Library Challenge for Kids.  You will find great ideas to keep the book trip fun for the kids. 

I also find some great books for kids from last week’s library.  I cannot help going back to this beautiful book with poems about forests, it will help you and child appreciate the nature more.   


Who doesn’t like free books, especially if it is free and good.  Visit Skip Count Up and Rhyme with Monkeys for the download link.

Does your child like monsters?  You don’t want to miss this fun picture book about monsters

Like princess and penguin?  You will like Cinderella Penguin.  Plus there are quite a few penguin related activities. 

Do you have a favorite book to share?Summer Reading Fun

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This week Mom’s Library giveaways is Easy Color Crafts from Kiwi Crate. For more information and entering the giveaway, please visit Exploring Color with kids.

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