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Grammar wonderland Elementary App

How do you children like English grammar?  Do they like to practice grammar problems?  Grammar Wonderland Elementary is a game app designed for grammar practice.  It makes learning grammar a fun activity and it is FREE for limited time.  When kids start the app, they will have two options: Explore Worlds and Practice Skills.  Looks to me, the content of both options are about the same, except Practice Skills lets kids choose what they want to practice on, while in… Read More

Rainbow Sentences

I had readers asking about Rainbow Sentences App.  I contacted Mobile Education Tools, who developed the app, and received a copy of the app.  After reviewing the app, I was really impressed by the design – no matter it is the picture, or the choices of the sentences, or the lesson style. Rainbow Sentences’ target users are kids who have difficulties following traditional teaching methods, and those (kids or adults) who are learning English as a second language.  It is… Read More