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MultiFlow App

Learn Times Table is a key stage for kids to get fluent in math.  As my son’s math teacher told me, you want the child be able to memorize the basic facts, so he can tell you the answer without even thinking about it.  This is not an easy job.  Luckily, there are quite some tools helping kids to achieve the goal, MultiFlow is one of them. MultiFlow is an app to drill the kids on multiplication facts.  There are… Read More

Winners of TeachMe GrK and Gr1 post image

The two winners are out and iGameMom will contact them separately. 1.  Becca at Cul-de-sac Cool 2. Dawn at Becoming Dawn We had a total of 153 entries.  Thank you all for your interest and support! iGameMom is having another giveaway right now.  It will end May 31.  Check it out HERE… Read More

Go to an earlier post to find out how: Two Apps Giveaway - TeachMe GradeK and TeachMe Grade1… Read More


iGameMom has TWO giveaways this time: TeachMe Kindergarten and TeachMe Grade1. These are great apps for the summer to keep your kids up to the academics and ready for school in the fall, yet still have fun. Read iGameMom’s review of the app here. 1. If you are not following this blog AT THIS NEW SITE, “Sign Up” at the top of the left panel to follow the blog. Make sure to click the confirmation link in the confirmation email after… Read More


Today is the LAST day to enter to win the FREE SplashMath for 3rd Grade.   Follow instructions below. How to win: 1. If you have already “LIKE” my Facebook page, please leave a comment on the Facebook page, tell me why you want the App. 2. If you have not “LIKE” my Facebook page, please click “LIKE” botton on iGameMom Facebook page. 3. If you are not following this blog, “Sign Up” to follow the blog. 4. If you are following… Read More

SplashMathApp is 3-month-old!  In this three months, iGameMom has reached over 600 followers, 11k page visits.  This is so much more than I expected.  Thank you all for your support!  To celebrate the milestone, and to thank YOU - my readers - for your support, iGameMom is going to give one lucky reader a SplashMath Grade 3 App for FREE. To check out the app, go here. How to win: 1. If you have already "LIKE" my Facebook page, please leave a comment… Read More

I created a math problem for my son when we played Tiny Tower together.   Hope you can use it for your child as well. The problem: It takes 25 seconds for the elevator to move from first floor to the 5th floor.  How long will it take it to move from first floor to the 9th floor? The correct answer is – 50 seconds.   Did you get it right?  Make sure you get it right before asking your child.  If… Read More