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MultiFlow App

Learn Times Table is a key stage for kids to get fluent in math.  As my son’s math teacher told me, you want the child be able to memorize the basic facts, so he can tell you the answer without even thinking about it.  This is not an easy job.  Luckily, there are quite some tools helping kids to achieve the goal, MultiFlow is one of them. MultiFlow is an app to drill the kids on multiplication facts.  There are… Read More

I found this today - it is free only for one week, and seems the free week started Mar.19, so it probably will end Monday Mar.26. There is only one day left if you want to get it for free. I did not have time to take a close enough look, but by playing quickly, it seems a fun game. You have to get the math problem right to kill the zombies before they can attack you. The math problems… Read More