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Ranger Rick Jr. Bear App

The Ranger Rick Jr Appventures series is a great app series for kids age 3 to 8 to learn about animals. The Ranger Rick Jr - Bear is the 2nd app in the series. The first app is about Lion. In this 2nd app, kids will learn everything about bears with Ranger Rick Jr. I like apps that are the most comprehensive in their subject matter. They often use varying methods to impart information to your child and common core standards are generally followed. What we… Read More

Mom Library

With the weather getting warm, and the celebration of earth day, I am featuring articles on nature and Earth day celebration. The best way to be close to nature is just to be there, don't have to have any activities planned. The nature itself has so much to offer - with a open mind, you will be able to take in more. See what happens when you just be there and how kids can enjoy nature when just being out… Read More

Peterson Birds of North America

Peterson Birds of North America is FREE for two days only.  It is based on Peterson’s comprehensive bird guide for North America, including 810 birds.  Usual price is $15.  I don't know when it started being free, so I don't know when the price will be up.  If you are into birds, or you know someone who likes birds, this is a must have app.  It is also a good holiday gift.  If you don't want the person see the… Read More