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Free App: Explore Nature Science with Online Games and Photo Hunt post image

Plum's Photo Hunt app and the Plum Landing website take learning life and nature science to a whole new level.  The Photo Hunt app focuses on the immediate world around you and the Plum Landing website focuses on a few different ecosystems of earth and takes the life sciences global. The Photo Hunt app is perfect for the yard or the park. The Photo Missions ask kids to find anything from trash, clouds, birds, rocks, and the list goes on.  There are… Read More

Free App: Cool Math Game from PBS Kids – Cyberchase Shape Quest post image

Cyberchase Shape Quest is a cool math game app from PBS Kids, with a focus on geometry, spatial reasoning, and problem solving. It's based on the Emmy Award®-winning series, Cyberchase. When I tried to play my first game on this app, I was told to print out a game board.  At first I was a little perplexed but I simply moved on to the games that didn't require me to print anything because I wasn't at home.  Once I did… Read More

Super Why Phonics Fair

Super Why Phonics Fair is another early literacy app for kids from PBS Kids. PBS really knows what they're doing with all of their early childhood education programs. They make their characters so adorable and relatable, kids jump at the chance to play and learn along with them. When I told my son we had a new phonics app starring his friends from Super Why he nearly fell out of his chair. This app of course meets common core standards… Read More

Daniel Tigers Neighborhood Play at Home with Daniel

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel is a fun app from PBS Kids where kids can do pretending plays. If you aren't familiar with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, it's a cartoon on PBS that is based off the old educational show "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood". My son enjoys the cartoon and loves waving to all the characters with Daniel in the opening scene with the famous "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" song. When he saw this app he was… Read More

Sid’s Science Fair

Today we introduce a science app and some science activity ideas for kids. Since I started hosting Mom's Library, I have been always amazed at how many creative kids activity ideas people have.  Can you imagine 30+ playful ways to teach young kids about rocks What a wonderful idea using crayon to show kids rock formation!  Make sure scroll down to Mom's Library to read some more cool ideas I found from last week's collection. Today's app is a science app… Read More

Fetch Lunch Rush

I have reviewed so many apps for kids.  Most apps don’t require kids to move around.  The apps are all educational, but sometimes you still have the concern if they are sitting for too long.  Today I found a very interesting app – it teaches math, and in the meantime, it makes kids move around to hunt for the answers. Fetch! Lunch Rush!  is an app from PBS Kids show Fetch with Ruff Ruffman.  It is a great show.  My… Read More