Free App: Cool Math Game from PBS Kids - Cyberchase Shape Quest
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Free App: Cool Math Game from PBS Kids – Cyberchase Shape Quest

Free App: Cool Math Game from PBS Kids – Cyberchase Shape Quest post image

Cyberchase Shape Quest is a cool math game app from PBS Kids, with a focus on geometry, spatial reasoning, and problem solving. It’s based on the Emmy Award®-winning series, Cyberchase. When I tried to play my first game on this app, I was told to print out a game board.  At first I was a little perplexed but I simply moved on to the games that didn’t require me to print anything because I wasn’t at home.  Once I did get home and print out the page for the Patch the Path game, I was floored!  My kids and I were captivated, which is always a plus in an educational app. CyberChase Shape Quest

Cyberchase Shape Quest has three games:  Hide and Seek, Feed the Critters, and Patch the Path.

Hide and Seek is deceptively simple, kids find the shapes they are asked to find.  In Level 1 for instance, kids may be asked to find the triangles but as they level up kids are asked to find the shapes with 5 corners or find shapes with 4 right angles.

Feed the Critters uses spatial reasoning to let your children feed the critters by flinging their food at them, bouncing it off some obstacles while avoiding others.  The number of food items and obstacles increase as the levels ascend.

Patch the Path, simply put, is by far the coolest game on the app.  Kids aim the iPad at the game board and it becomes a 3D interactive world!  The first level helps kids get used to maneuvering the iPad around the game board and getting over the awe that this game elicits.  From then on kids are asked to place the shapes, or combination of shapes as it levels up, on the track that will patch the path and let the cart go by that is hauling the animals kids place into it.

NerdyBaker Comments:  

While I did enjoy the unexpected difficulty that Hide and Seek became, nothing beats Patch the Path!  When I printed out that game board I NEVER imagined what would show up on my screen as I aimed my iPad at it.  I have never seen a game like it.  The game does become very physical as you pick up various shapes and animals and place them where they need to go so it is good to just allow for a little extra space around your game board.

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CyberChase Shape quest is available for iPad.  It is free on the App Store.

If you would like to check it out or purchase it, please use the App Store link provided below. The cost is the same to you, but iGameMom gets a small percentage. Thanks for your support! Note: The link works for all countries.
Cyberchase Shape Quest

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  • Lorianna

    I’m talking about the shape quest game

  • Lorianna

    Can you please put this game in the iphone

    • Lorianna, this is something you have ask the app developer or PBS Kids. I am here to share what is available, but they are the ones made the app.

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